Treatments for ears

You need to listen to your ears

Our ear lobes deform with time. It’s easy to rejuvenate or shape your ears and achieve natural results with minor surgery lasting only 30 minutes.


30 min


From 700€

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What are ears treatments?

Ears - the forgotten feature! The ICONIC beauty clinic provides complete rejuvenation. We never overlook any part of your body. Time affects the skin on your ears, creating wrinkles and leading to a loss of firmness. In some cases, prolonged use of ear tunnels can also deform this area of the body.

Remember, harmony is achieved when you do a complete job, every parts of the body is important! Our aesthetic medicine team will analyse your face to recommend where you need to act.

Out treatments:

1.Ear repairs
long term use of ear tunnels, earrings and other jewellery can weaken the skin and deform your ear lobe. Restore this area to its former glory with very un-invasive minor surgery, and in only half an hour!
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How long does a lobuloplasty take to heal?

This surgical procedure doesn’t require hospitalization, and heals very quickly. You can return to work and your social life in under 5 days.

How is a lobuloplasty performed?

A little local anaesthetic is applied and the entire procedure is over in about an hour. After the operation, the wound is closed using sticky strips of surgical tape that the doctor will remove at your follow-up visit a few days after the procedure.

How quickly can you see the final results of ear repair surgery?

This procedure produces immediate results. You’ll be able to have your ears pierced again in a few months.

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30 min per lobe

30 min per lobe


From 700€

From 700€

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