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This is the treatment for you if you want to retouch your nose without going under the knife. Reshaping your nose with hyaluronic acid can completely change your appearance.


20 - 40 min


From 400€

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What are nose treatments?

At the ICONIC beauty clinic, we can shape your face to achieve the best you. Your nose is one of the most important features when it comes to increasing the harmony and balance of your face.

Nose remodelling is the answer when you want to change the appearance of your nose without surgery. Whether you need to correct a hawk nose or other imperfections, this beautiful retouch allows you to achieve the shape you’re looking for instantly.

Remember, the key to harmony is a natural look. Our aesthetic medicine team will analyse your face to recommend where you need to act to achieve a perfect result.

Out treatments:

1.Nose remodelling
hyaluronic acid injections temporarily adjust shape (for 9 - 12 months). This evens and corrects the profile of your nose.
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What does nose remodelling involve?

Nose remodelling is an outpatient procedure in which small amounts of naturally absorbable fillers are injected to correct nasal imperfections.

How long does nose remodelling last?

Nose remodelling is a temporary procedure. The duration of your results depends on the type of filler used. Reabsorbable materials like hyaluronic acid produce results that last approximately 18 - 24 months.

At what age can I remodel my nose?

There is no recommended age for nose remodelling. You can have this procedure at any time after your 18th birthday.

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Nose remodelling


20 - 40 min

20 - 40 min


from 400€

from 400€

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